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Transcripts Of  Troy Thomas Joseph Fitch


Buddha & The Brahman Students

A widower who loved his five year old son very much was away on business. A group of bandits came and burned down the entire village and took his son away. 


When the man returned he saw the ruins and he panicked. 


He took the chard corps of an infant to be his child. 

He began to pull his hair and beat his chest crying uncontrollably. 

He organized a cremation ceremony and collected the ashes and placed them into a beautiful velvet pouch. 

Working, sleeping or eating he always carried the bag of ashes with him. 

One day his real son escaped from the robbers and found his way home. 

He arrived at his fathers new cottage at midnight and knocked at the door. 


You can imagine at that time the young father who was still carrying the bag of ashes and crying. 

He asked who is there and the child answered, it’s me Papa open the door it’s your son. 

In his agitated state of mind the father thought it was some mischievous boy making fun of him so he shouted at the child to go away and he continued to cry. 


The boy knocked again and again but the father refused to let him in. 

Some time passed and the child left and from that time forward father and son never saw one another again. 

And after telling this story the Buddha said, 

sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth, if you cling to it so much when the truth comes and a someone knocks at your door, you will refuse to open it. 


It’s a powerful story for young students learning to be Brahmans

and it’s a powerful story for each and everyone of us. 


It what they call in literature studies “The Willing Suspension of Disbelief” 

It’s what you do every time you walk into a movie theater.

You don’t go up to the big screen and say, this is ridiculous.

You don’t hold on to the two dimensional screen with a light projected onto it.

You suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to be entertained. 


So as you listen and read these lessons, I ask for each of you to simply suspend your disbelief

like you would a novel or a play in a music hall. 

This lesson is just another unique version of how I demonstrate how most all of us are in a state of hypnosis. Now stick with me here because it’s a matter of FACT.

Pretty bold statement coming from a High School Dropout but stay tuned because in the next few minutes I’m going to demonstrate how we are all unconscious until the age of 5-7 years of age. Yeah! That’s Right! I said, unconscious until the age of 5-7 years old.

Now those birthday parties still add to our age even though we bounce around walls, floors during our awakening but that’s all just a part of life!

So moving right into the neuroscience of this topic.
As each of us develop our brains as you might have heard like a 3-5 pound sponge that absorbs and stores everything that comes across the frequency in the field. Yes, frequency in the form of energy like a Megahertz frequency, it’s that simple.
So don’t think you or others will not be able to grasp this! It’s very easy! Remember, I’m a seventeen year old high school dropout from 1982. So her we go!

Now before we begin I have a question for you. Each of you are in the sales industry, I would like for each of you to write down what you call “your profession”.
In other words what is that label/title?

Ok so you are a salesman, automotive sales executive, car salesman, automotive sales professional, and several more we could add. So from your past memories what is your background knowledge of automotive sales people? i.e. Slick Talking Guy, Smooth Guy,
Slick Talking Sales Guy, Salesman whatever you write down may vary, but the power of that label makes a huge difference in your sales career and how your introduce yourself to your prospective clients, how you perform a walk around of a vehicle, how you formulate your sales process based on emotions you receive and the vary emotions you receive back Right?

Would you agree with me here?

Ok! So we are setting the energy for this automotive sales experience for your clients but are you recognizing your energy and their energy? Are you recognizing their posture and mannerisms? If it’s a couple who is holding hands you may recognize that, if the are far apart as you walk around the lot and actively walking from car to car. You begin to feel your clients mood, you hear their words and take note of the emotional words either positive or negative and make note in your mind.
Now how we access this information is vital to our success because we get into judgement very very quickly and we must allow the energy of the shopping experience to unfold for our prospective clients. We must check our thoughts and feelings and maintain a focus of what’s the best experience I can provide for this people right now, based on your sense of feeling their energy.

Now each of you have your basic “Program” of what you do each time but the question is ~ are you performing self checks on your mental states?

Do you look into how you handled each prospect or clients whom you had successful sales with?

Are you looking back and reflecting how you could have done things differently?

These questions I present to you to set the stage for our minds to reflect and create building blocks. Because if you are not performing a mental checks I can tell you right now you are running from a very old program and it’s eventually going to bring you to massive limitations because of how you and I were taught from the ages of 0-7. We basically began building a program in our mind to think in certain patterns.

What we allow into our consciousness creates a memory but where is that memory stored? Well it’s stored inside our subconscious mind. Now when I learned of the subconscious mind I was an eighteen year old high school kid who dropout of school got off track for about 8 months then within 61 days I had an awakening. That awakening drew me closer to the study of metaphysics and look within myself for higher learning of the power of the universe through a universal consciousness. My source of a higher power that I discovered was within me. So right now if you have old beliefs that limit a higher power you are not going to get this but if you can turn your mind to be “Open to the Power of Possibility you have a very strong chance of grasping these lessons I will share with you to bring you to not just a higher level of achievements in your life you will learn how to develop a consciousness that allows you to manifest powerful events in your life for your family, your friends and evening possibly fellow co-workers and acquaintances that will bring to you things you desire! So buckle up, open your mind take out your smart device and take notes, record this if you like for your to listen to again at a later date. Do whatever it takes to help you retain this teaching as it’s a whole new angle of teaching for sales professionals.

Now they never told me where the subconscious mind existed within me. Maybe that’s because we still had not learned enough to really explain but it doesn’t really matter! I’m going to share with you right now where the subconscious mind exist!
Your subconscious mind goes all through your physical body! Yep! It’s hiding under your skin! Surprised? We really shouldn’t be but let’s dive a little deeper here! This is actually best described by a Dropout so that I don’t use too many scientific words because if we share it scientifically we might confuse you with big words that have the same meaning as my Dropout Narrative on this subject.

Here we go! It all begins with a “Feeling”. So when people say, how are you feeling? They are asking you to share from your subconscious mind not your cognitive thinking mind. Your thinking mind doesn’t feel your body feels. Your body feels all the energy in the “Field” the frequency I mentioned earlier.
Stay with me! You know how you feel on a cold day? You remember that cold feeling, that warm feeling, that good feeling or not so good feeling right? Have you ever said, he has bad energy or she has great energy? Ok! So you are beginning to connect with the frequency of this lesson. Have you ever heard or used the phrase “It’s all about what you put into it”.
Well that pretty much sums this up but let’s dive just a little deeper.

You have heard the old adage what you sow you reap. If you haven’t you have now and it’s not hard to understand even if you are also a High School Dropout. What we put into something we also receive back in various forms depending on our state of mind. You ever heard something someone said, and the other person who heard it had a completely different take? Well that’s also very normal and should be understood and here’s why. Our lives over a period of years become programmed just like a computer program through our feelings. If climbing a tree gives you a frightened feeling it’s from the programming of our feelings stored inside our subconscious mind which is where? I’ll help you with the hard ones, your body!
You see how we think and how we feel creates a state of being.

Let’s talk about our feelings and emotions. If feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences and you are feeling the same way every day. Doesn’t that mean that nothing new is happening in your life? Now if those very same feelings and emotions drive certain thoughts and you can’t think greater than how you feel because you had events in your life. Maybe these feelings have branded you emotionally and you feel sadness, guilt, shame, unworthiness or insecurity. All of these emotions are created from our past experiences and you when you feel those emotions. These very emotions drive certain thoughts and create certain chemicals which create a certain emotion. This is called the cycle of how we all become asleep or inside a hypnotic state of mind.
Yes, it’s really that simple and yes, it’s highly unlikely they didn’t teach any of us this in elementary school or inside that over priced education we call Higher Learning! Now don’t get offended I’m for higher learning but they won’t or don’t teach this at the most basic level or higher level and i believe we are failing our young minds in a big way.

So let me sum this up! If you have listened to this, read this or watched this message on YouTube you are now fully responsible for your thoughts, feelings and emotions and yes this includes me your 1982, seventeen year old high school dropout!

So wake up your brilliant self and make sure when you awaken that your mind knows one very important detail you must be vigilant towards. You must take time to recognize your feelings and emotions to create further awakening and change for a better you and a better I.

This is my FREE PASS to the Human Resource manager. The human resource manage is also asleep or hypnotized like the rest of us!
Please share and share a lot! It truly will make a difference in all who are open to receive this message.

Yes, it’s that simple!
Thank you for taking time to read this, watch this video or listen on our Podcast.

God Bless your walk in the field of greatness called the Frequency!
Until next time!

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