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"When You Change The Way You Look At Things,
The Things You Look At Change."  Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Convention is a way in which something is usually done, especially within a particular area or activity. Throughout the history of mankind, had we kept doing things the same way the wheel would never have been created. The discovery of flight would have been further delayed. Yet, Orville and Wilbur Wright, two bicycle repairmen held the creativity within their minds to see this through. They held a vision of flight so large that it dimmed the view of the nay sayers and inspired a few others seeking to take flight as well. Now if you look at the word convention one more time it holds another meaning: looking deeper into words should be something all professional sales people practice. After all, your words define you just as your actions define you. 

Convention also means: a meeting of people for a common purpose like a teachers’ convention; a custom or a way of acting and doing things that is widely accepted and followed. You can easily find yourself on your walk through life in a convention with those who have the view of their parents. Many people simply set out to get a job as their parents did and settled for whatever opportunity was available. We often discover people choose to meet their immediate needs rather than to meet the needs of their vision they once held due to stress, failures, limitations, lack of confidence or fears which they created within their mind.


Eventually, you will become a creature of habit to serve only your mediate needs, rather than the larger amazing vision you once held. Be careful as to which meaning of convention you decide to hold for your life. I make my own conventions daily, I never stepped into the Coffee Pot conventions when I worked for a company, I held a vision for conventions outside the office with my clients and prospective clients.   

You see when you break the word convention down you get the word Convene which means "to come or bring together for a meeting, activity or to assemble". So when you begin your activities for the day make sure you choose how you convene or you will quickly find the convention you build around your day will soon become a life filled with those who bring in conversations from their loosely held members of their convention and before long, you suddenly realize you really are not just a member of your convention, you are a member of other conventions, before you know it, you are in a whole knew arena filled with the activities of other people who do not hold a vision anything like the convention you started. This is exactly how easily it is to get off track or never get on track! 

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I will bring the coffee & donuts and leave your sales team with a new vision and a new way of thinking. 


Quantum Sales Training 101

Our clients turn to Quantum Thinking and for not just many reasons, quantum reasons!

Stepping Into the Age of Quantum Sales ~ The Shift From The Newtonian World To The Quantum World

Everyone Is Playing By Limiting Laws

The Newtonian world is about predicting the future, rather than waiting for it to happen vs the Quantum world is about causing the effect.

So when is the best time to make a sale? IMMEDIATELY after your last sale, you should know this one!
Why? Your mindset is on manifestation mode, your subconscious mind recently experienced a sell.

It’s all about momentum and energy right? You Feel Good...
So you know that good feeling right?

How do you feel when you spend 3-4 hours trying to make a sale as an automotive sales professional and the client says I just am not ready? Bummer! Big Bummer as now there are only a few hours left in your day and you know the law of averages of the Newtonian world are in play. Meaning time is running out!
Well let’s take a look at a whole new way of thinking from the very minute you walk into your dealership if you are in auto sales. 

Let’s take a walk as I often say!
Let’s take the road less traveled.

Let’s go out to the parking lot after the morning meeting and perform a couple old rituals but might be new to you!
While we are walking to the parking lot let’s recall a time when you were thinking of someone and they called your phone or stopped by your office to see if you wanted to have lunch. Do you recall one of those moments, as it’s likely happened several times that you can recall.
You likely remember this happening as a young person growing up. Remember, back in the day you would call someone and they didn’t have "call waiting" to take a second call and the line was busy and the person you were calling was actually calling you? We live within a magnetic field where our thoughts create vibration, our words create vibration and our feelings bring the thoughts and words together with a combined power within the quantum realm. 

Many often recognize this as a coincidence, but what exactly is a coincidence?
Let’s breakdown the word coincidence; "two things happening at the same time"

Our choice of words, truly create the difference in our walk as sales professionals.
Remember, what we think, say, and do create a valuable difference as to how we feel, from our actions and those actions create an emotional state of being.

So back to that walk in the lot where all the beautiful vehicles are parked waiting for their new owners. Have you ever said to yourself, I want to sell this car? Well of course many of you have and that’s what makes selling fun. There is great pleasure in selling something we like, love or enjoy.

While you are out there on the lot, imagine the phone ringing and you are next on the list to get a sales call if you have an order of operations on how sales calls are allocated at your dealership. Imagine the type of buyer for that specific typical vehicle.
You have that image in your mind? Picture that person, see their attire, now hold this vision inside your mind and you are standing right next to the vehicle you would just love to sell.

What’s the next step? ...
The next step is to touch that car with FULL INTENTIONS that you have sold this vehicle.
Yes, I said, touch that car and visualize the person who is calling you and set the appointment. Why do we touch the car?
It’s all about the feeling for both of you! The buyer has a feeling and you have a very similar feeling.

Now, let me make one distinction here that very important. The feeling needs to be very similar to the buyer inside of our emotional state. Here is why!

When our attention is tied to a more selfish cause, we then bring into play the old Newtonian mindset.

Now the experienced sales professional might say, hey I’ve been doing this for a long, long time and I sell a lot of cars and do just fine in the Newtonian world of sales. Well, good for you! That doesn’t make it the best way to propel your sales if there is only one of you! Now you say to yourself well of course there is only one of me. Who else would I invoke? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Remember when the telephone rang and it was the very person you were getting ready to call and you both were on the same frequency of thinking. Of course you do!
Well somehow, some way the two of you came to the same thoughts within a very short time frame that caused the connection. Well if the field of frequency can bring together two people not even remotely close together, then why would we discount the idea of creating sales from an energy connection that is easier than picking up the phone and making follow up calls and best of all.
It works!

Doubt it? Well the doubters immediately get moved to the slow lane, which is the road most often traveled and the same road the lower paid sales people travel.

How do I know?
Well take a look around and see the results for yourself. Start with this question.

Who are the most optimistic sales people on your sales team? Look into that optimism and ask yourself how can I bring this into my life? Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist!

"Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing."  Tilopa

This is called stepping into the river of change.
Taking action to open up to this very simple idea of channeling the energy of possibility is a major step to the quantum world.

The doubters are not only hypnotized, but they are moving in slow motions from the paralysis of fear!

Fear of change binds the salesperson with their own mental chains.

Stepping out of fear and into the river of change holds murky water, cold temperatures, unknown creatures and the fear of things we hold onto from our past.

Step into the unknown, step into the world of possibilities and make the phones ring off the hook!

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