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A Lesson On The Ageless Body Timeless Mind

There was an experiment done in 1979 by a Harvard University professor named Ellyn Langer. 

Ms. Langer selected a group of men for a unique research study to a  Monastery about an hour north of Harvard. During this time these men where in their 70’s and 80’s and she asked each one of them to do something very easy for the next seven days. She asked each of them to pretend that they were 20 years younger.

To live for just one week as it was 1959 not 1979. 


So what she did before she began this whole process is she measured their finger lengths, their toe lengths, their eye sight, their hearing, their cognitive ability and range of motion. She measured all these functions and she reminded them that they were to focus on it being 1959 and only 1959.


Then she set up the environment with pictures of Mickey Mantel, Marilyn Monroe, the Cuban Missile Crisis, they even sported the fifties look. Everything in the environment was to remind them that they were 22 years younger. So now these men for the next seven days thought differently, they acted differently and they felt differently.


At the end of the seven days they brought the men back in and she measured all the same functions. Now before they went into the monastery the took a photo of each man before they began and at the end of the seven days. They took these photos to a focus group and asked the participants in the focus group which is the more recent photograph?

Amazingly 100% of the group participants selected the photo graph last taken, meaning they all looked younger after 7 days!.

Professor Langer measured each of their fingers, toe lengths, eye sight virtually everything as she did seven days prior.

Now guess what? Their finger lengths were longer which meant their arthritis was going away, their toe lengths were longer, their eye sight had improved, their hearing improved,and each of them had greater range of motion and their cognition improved on an average of 60%.


They call this study the Counter Clockwise Study and it’s a testament to the power of belief, imagination and visualization.


So here is your lesson: As you are going through and constructing your limitless day, as you are rehearsing your day and your attention is drawn to that which you focus on.

Remember, your feelings are the language of the body and  your thoughts are the language of your mind. 


So here’s my question, who are you pretending to be today or who are you not pretending to be?

You see because how you think and how you act and how you feel is called your personality and your personality creates your personal reality! That’s it! 


My goal for you is to become limitless as you take the time to imagine your perfect day and your perfect moments.


I want you to imagine it, see it and feel it! Visualize it and then work daily for it. 

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